My Kimolos - Beaches

Kimolos has many beautiful beaches and visitors should explore as many of them as possible:


Sheltered from the wind, it features an imposing rock and the ‘sirmata’, caves carved into the landscape where locals harbor their boats over the winter. You can walk to Rema from the Windmill Hotel.


A sandy beach which unveils a calm and serene atmosphere, and is on the way to Prassa.


This coast features a beach bar with music and is the most popular of the island. The dazzling white sand and its azure waters highlight the natural beauty of this magnificent shore.

At the entrance are soothing baths, with set opening times.

Aliki, Bonatsa, Kalamitsi

These neighboring shorelines all feature transparent, shallow waters while offering a wide range of tavernas for pleasant dining by the seaside.

Bonatsa also features a beach bar.

Mavrospilia, Elinika

Mavrospilia is a beautiful, lengthy beach on the western side of Kimolos which is highly praised for its magnificent sunset views. Alternatively, if the weather allows it, you can dive into the sea of Elinika and marvel at the ruins of its ancient underwater city. Both beaches are highly exposed to the north wind. They may be reached by car, private boat or as part of an island tour by sea taxi.

The Gerakia cave

An exotic cave submerged into the wonderful turquoise waters where you can explore its mysterious allure. It is reachable by sea taxi as part of an island tour.

Monastiria, Soufi, Agioklima

These are remote seaside hideaways. At Agioklima there is a natural hot spring. It is reachable by sea taxi as part of an island tour or with a 4x4 vehicle.